Using Periscope For Your Business

With social media across the mobile landscape steadily increasing it's no wonder that after updating status messages, using 140 characters as a source of news and sharing hundreds of images a day that the natural transition would be to utilize video.  Video provides advertisers with tools to actively engage their communities.  

People are extremely busy in this day and age, so the key is to capture their attention within a short time span and video is perfect for this. Here is a list of possible ways to utilize Periscope for your small business. 

Interview a customer and have them provide a testimonial - The best marketing tool is word of mouth. Allow customers to share their experiences with other consumers. 

Promote a special offer - Having a flash sale for a holiday or maybe a local sports team won an event and you want to treat your customers to celebrate? 

Introduce a new product - Video is awesome for displaying how a product works and is also more visually pleasing to the eye versus a static image. 

Humanize the brand - Consumers want to know the people behind the brand and not just the logo. Do not be afraid to get on camera. 

Capture event footage - If your company is hosting an event, what better way to promote than to capture the experience on camera and use it to promote upcoming events. 

Showcase your workplace - Give your customers a glimpse of what goes into making your company function, whether it's styling for a photo shoot, interviewing a chef at a restaurant or coming up with concepts for a new design. 

Engage your audience with a contest - Everyone loves a good contest. Connect with your audience by allowing them to share their own stories with your brand. For example, if you are a boutique owner allow users to submit a video of them wearing a uniquely styled outfit from your store and then using a custom hash-tag to align with the contest. 

Have you started using Periscope for your business? If so what have you done and has it worked?