Using Facebook Page Insights to Influence Post Content


For those of you that have Facebook Business pages, I am sure you have come across the Insights tab and hopefully you are using this tab and all of it's greatness that it has to offer to your advantage. The Insights tab includes a host of information including page post metrics, such as like, reach and view page activity. In addition, it also includes actions on the page, like post and video engagement. One particular feature that I wanted to call out is the "people" tab that includes demographic data about the people who have liked your page. 

Within this section, you have access to the following data for your fans, people you have reached and people who have engaged with your page: 

  • The percentage of people who like your page by age and gender. This is based on the information people enter within their personal profiles.  

  • The countries and cities of the people who like your page. This is based on their IP addresses when they use the Facebook platform.  

  • The language of the people who like your Page. This is based on their default language setting.

Below is an example of how this page looks. 


You can use this demographic data, to influence the content you decide to post on your page. For example, if you see that most people that engage with your posts are in New York, why not do a contest or event for individuals that live in that area? Also, if you see that the majority of the people that like your page are between the ages of 25-34 be sure to post content that is relevant for that particular age group. Use these insights to make better content decisions and give the people what they want!